What is Web Design?

Designing a website is abbreviated as web design. Generally what a website will look like depends on the web design. If we analyze a little more, it can be said that what will the logo of a website look like, where will the logo sit, the sidebar of the website will be on the right or left, what will the menu bar look like, what will the color of the website be, what will be the font size of the website posts, where on the website are the advertisements. Space will be kept for etc etc work is done through web design. Basically how we see a website from the outside, is defined or designed through web design.

Type of website
There are generally two types of websites for work convenience. For example-

  • Static website.
  • Dynamic website.

Static website
A static website does not have any kind of admin panel. That is, to do any work, you have to work directly through coding. Even when writing a post, it has to be placed in the HTML code. Currently, such websites are not in use.

Dynamic website
A dynamic website has an admin panel to work with. Basically a dynamic website is created through web development. Such websites require no coding to function normally.

Take this post of mine as an example. I didn’t have to do any HTML or CSS or any other coding to write this post. I created a new post by logging into google blogger with gmail id and posted my post without any coding in post editor. But the work of coding has been completed automatically in the fear of the post. This type of website is called a dynamic website. Here Google Blogger web development has created a dynamic website. And we can use it to share any type of post directly without any coding knowledge. A dynamic website is a website designed without coding and managing related content including content management or content writing through an admin panel.

What is web development?
Web development is the task of functionalizing the admin panel of a website to create external parts of a website or to manage content through the admin panel of a website. That is, the code that is coded to do all the functional work of a website is called web development. I am making this more clear through an example.

After logging in to Google Blogger, your blog settings and posts, along with other options, are all done by web development. Moreover, those of you who are using the Magone theme, if you look closely, you will see that SneeitSpot allows you to change the design of the blog. The only options we see to make these changes are through web development.

Type of web developer
Web developers can generally be divided into three categories based on the type of work. For example-

  • Front End Web Developer
  • Back end web developer
  • Fullstack Web Developer

Front End Web Developer
Such developers only design the external part of a website. When a client asks a front end developer to create a website with a specific design, such developers know the design of the website from their client and design the website using only HTML and CSS. Such developers do not make websites functional.

Back end web developer
A back end developer must have thorough knowledge of front end development. Because back end development work cannot be done without knowing front end development work. However, such developers usually do not do front end development work. Because it takes a lot of time to do two things at once.

Normally a back end developer takes the design codes of a website from the front end developer and creates an admin panel for it. After creating the admin panel, no coding is required to change the design of the website or to write new posts. That is, a backend developer converts a website into a static website.

For back end development work you must know HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquary, PHP, Python, Bootstrap and other types of coding. You can’t do back end development without having full experience about all the things.

Fullstack Web Developer
A developer who can work on front end development and back end development simultaneously, is called a full stack web developer. Such web developers are very experienced in web development and web design work. Moreover, such web developers are in high demand in both online and offline markets.

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